An interview/documentary of Yo the app for, Phoenix Media, Hong kong, 2014. Over 400,000 online views.

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An excerpt of a 20-minute interview/documentary of GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman. Over 590,000 views on

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An excerpt of an interview/documentary of Airbnb. Over 520,000 views on

In this episode, we interviewed Nathan Blecharczyk, one of the co-founders of Airbnb. With the stories from users, hosts and employees, we'll show different angles of the history of Airbnb.

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This is an excerpt from Minerva: College of the Future, my first editing practice for Phoenix Media in October, 2014.

Now watch it again, I think this episode is way too traditional: plain storytelling, nerdy voiceover, steady back and forth. But I'm grateful that I once had the chance to try, and know what can be improved.

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